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United refining company

URC has over 350 retail outlets in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York, which include service station/convenience stores, truck stops, restaurants and garages. The locations are branded Kwik Fill / Red Apple Food Marts and Country Fair. While primary emphasis is placed upon maximizing yields of motor fuels, the refinery produces a full range of petroleum products. In addition to unleaded gasoline, our products include kerosene, diesel fuel, Number 2 home heating oil, industrial fuels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane and several grades of asphalts.



UNITED RIVERHEad Terminal, inc.

United Refining Company, Inc. purchased this petroleum bulk storage facility in November 2012. The facility, located on a 286 acre site in Suffolk County, New York, consists of 20 storage tanks, a truck transfer rack, and an off-shore barge/ship platform which is the only deepwater loading/unloading platform on the U.S. East Coast. With an operating draft of 64 feet, the terminal's offshore platform routinely receives Suezmax vessels and is capable of handling VLCC tankers.


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United energy plus terminals, LLC (UEPT)

United Energy Plus Terminals, LLC (UEPT), headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA, is a wholesale and commercial distillate and gasoline supplier currently located in 26 terminals throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. UEPT works with an extensive network of suppliers consisting of refiners, wholesalers, and traders which allows to provide the company reliable and competitively priced petroleum products to our broad range of customers operating in the Mid-Atlantic Region.